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DirecTV Employees and Customers

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22nd April 2007

marrow1234:27pm: Tomorrow! 4/23! Mellowdrone on Directv. Please tape it...
DirecTV ch.101 can you watch the replay of mellowdrone's performance of "OH MY" on CD:USA!

Mellowdrone is one of my all-time favorite bands. I dont have the channel.

Is there any way one of you could tape it somehow(tape, dvd, cellphone, etc)and email it to me or put it up on youtube or dailymotion?
Pretty please.

5th January 2006

moskevyu6:55pm: DirecTV DVR
Hello. I was hoping someone could help me with this.

I just got a DirecTV+ DVR today as a replacement for my DirecTV TiVo. Customer support recommended I 'upgrade' to the DirecTV DVR since the DirecTV TiVos aren't getting software updates anymore (and mine blew up).

After spending an afternoon playing with the new unit, I'm wondering about the word 'upgrade.' Perhaps someone could help with this. The whole reason I had TiVo in the first place was to auto-record shows. Set once and forget it. This new unit so far hasn't offered me the option of recording entire seasons of a particular show. Is that function available? Another Q: Does it allow users to rank programs for suggested content? I found that function fun for discovering things I didn't even know were on. These were two functions I used frequently with my Tivo. If the DirecTV+ DVR doesn't offer these functions, are there any plans in the works to add these features? Don't tell me I've committed to a two year programming contract just so I could have a high-fallutin' caller ID with a hard drive.


24th December 2005

hartbeatboxxx3:33pm: We Want More Channels!
Channels I really want, but DirecTV doesn't offer...

MTV Hits
MTV Jams
VH1 Mega Hits
VH1 Soul
Sky News
Style (just for the hell of it)

Name some channels use wanna see!
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